Have you ever wanted to build your dream house? There are many advantages to it — from handcrafted architectural finishes to exquisite cabinetry, custom building allows you to put your touch on your future home. Some of the benefits are:

  • A Unique Home to Fit Your Family

Your family is the most important thing in your life, and the ideal home would be the perfect fit for it. Let’s focus on two main determinants:

  • Family size — Room arrangement within a home changes based on the number of people living there. Extra bedrooms in some homes become used for offices and storage in others, and converted back to bedrooms as families grow. A custom new home is a space built to fit your family.
  • Age of family members — Do you have a young family? If so, maybe you want to ensure that bedroom layouts are all close in proximity to each other. Or, you might need an in-law suite as part of your house, so your parents can be near you. These are all customizable features within your new home.
  • Green Incentives

From appliances to solar-sufficiency, new homes offer you the option to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. You have your choice of how you would like to do so when building a custom home such as:

  • Solar panels — Many states offer great initiatives for installing these at your home. Various options are available for doing so — be sure to talk with your builder when deciding this.
  • Energy efficient windows — It is amazing to feel the difference between an older home with outdated windows versus a home with efficient windows installed.
  • Efficient appliances within the home — When choosing the appliances you would like to have within your new home; there are energy efficient options. These include various washers and dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers to name a few.
  • Low Maintenance

Warranties are things that you do not see very often when buying an older home. A new home crafted using superb construction techniques gives you piece of mind that you won’t have long nights and weekends repairing odds and ends around your home for a long time to come.

  • Emotional Ties

You get to be the first family to leave a mark on your new home, giving you the great feeling of breaking it in. Nothing quite fits as well as when you are the original owner. Mold your new custom home to fit you and your family.

Customizing your new home will bring you pleasure as you live in a space designed around your choices. Contact the sales office in the Brendon Properties condo community of Danforth Green, or reach out to us directly to discuss the custom home you want to build on your site. Our quality will be sure to please. Contact us now by visiting our website or calling 508-485-3999.

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