When moving to a new house, there are a lot of factors to consider. And what is the most popular phrase repeated by realtors and homebuyers alike? Location, location, location! But how do you make the decision? What makes someplace the perfect location? We think we have found the answer.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should live in Massachusetts:

1. Its rich history

Chief among Massachusetts’ attractive qualities is its notable presence in American history. Specifically, a major landscape for the Revolutionary War, Massachusetts has a rich history that both educates and astounds its residents and tourists alike.

If you live in Massachusetts, you will be able to appreciate a personal intimacy with the state’s profound historical sites. Here are a few noteworthy examples:

  • The Freedom Trail: Follow this 2 ½ mile red brick path to take a tour of some of Boston’s Revolutionary War locations and landmarks. Learn more here.
  • The Old State House: Built in 1713, this is the oldest surviving public structure in Boston. Undoubtedly a significant landmark for American history, the Boston Massacre occurred just beneath the building’s east balcony and the Declaration of Independence was read here for the first time publicly in 1776. Learn more here.
  • Minute Man National Historical Park: This park is the site of the famous battle of Lexington and Concord in 1775. Today, you can visit the park to experience the beautiful scenery, take a guided tour, and learn from its educational exhibits. Learn more here.

2. Its excellent school system

For many people, education is a significant factor in deciding where to live. In Massachusetts, you can be sure that your children will benefit from an exceptional school system.

In fact, according to WalletHubs’ analysts, when assessed in terms of educational quality and safety, Massachusetts ranked #1 in the country in 2016 for superior schooling.

Moreover, beyond elementary and secondary education, Massachusetts is an ideal location for outstanding higher education. If you live in Massachusetts, you will be in the neighborhood of acclaimed colleges, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Tufts University, and more.

3. Its top-ranked hospitals

In addition to education, health is a primary concern when deciding where to live. Like its acclaimed educational institutions, Massachusetts also boasts some of the country’s top-ranked hospitals.

For instance, for 2016-2017, Massachusetts General Hospital was ranked the third best hospital in the country.  

Massachusetts hospitals are also consistently ranked among the safest in the country. (Assessments concerning safety include factors such as ICU staffing and frequency of contraction of infections.)

You can evaluate a detailed scoring of Massachusetts’ hospitals here.

4. Its famous food and drink

History, education, and health are all important factors to consider when deciding where to move. In addition to these popular appeals, there is another particularly appetizing reason for why you should live in Massachusetts: its famous food and drink.

Here is a sampling of the delicious cuisine you can enjoy everyday if you call Massachusetts home:

  • Fenway Franks: Being close to the Red Sox is reason enough for some people to move to Massachusetts, but even if you’re not a baseball fan, Fenway Franks will make you want to go to the next ballgame. These famous hot dogs are only available at Fenway Park – so move quickly to get ‘em while they’re hot!
  • Samuel Adams Beer: Massachusetts just can’t ignore its great history. This famous beer, created in 1984, is named after one of the Founding Fathers. And if you live in Massachusetts, you can appreciate not only the beer’s taste, but its creation as well with a tour of its brewery in Boston. Learn more here.
  • Boston Cream Pie: Strangely, Massachusetts’ famous pie is not a pie – it’s actually a cake. This delicious dessert is made with two layers of a sponge cake, filled with a custard pastry cream, and frosted in chocolate. Of course, you can eat Boston Cream Pie around the country, but you can only enjoy the best, original recipes in Massachusetts.

5. Its beautiful, seasonal weather

Finally, another reason to make the move to Massachusetts is so that you can enjoy its beautiful weather year-round. Unlike many parts of the U.S., Massachusetts experiences diverse seasonal weather, so you can enjoy everything from sunshine to snowfall.

Imagining yourself living in Massachusetts? Here’s a snapshot of what the year would look like:

  • Spring: In Massachusetts, April showers truly do bring May flowers. Springtime in this state presents stunning views of magnolia trees and cherry blossoms. Enjoy the seasonal scenery by taking in Massachusetts’ many public parks and gardens.
  • Summer: After the mild days of spring, the weather turns warm in the summer. And in Massachusetts, June through August can be bright sunshine or hot humidity. Either way, they are beautiful months to spend time outdoors with friends and family.
  • Fall: Once fall begins, the nights start to cool off, but the days remain warm and sunny. Now is also the time when Massachusetts’ famous fall foliage changes color – this is a major attraction of the state that you, as a resident, can enjoy every year.
  • Winter: Massachusetts’ winters can vary. Some are mild years with bright (albeit, not warm) sunshine and crisp air. Others bring intense snowfall and cover the state in white. But the very cold days present a great opportunity to stay inside and explore Massachusetts’ great museums.

Moving to a new place is always a big transition, no matter where you go. But when you make the move to live in Massachusetts, you can have confidence that you picked the right location.

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