When you’re nearing retirement and are ready to downsize from a large family home, you have a couple of different options for your next living arrangement. Should you buy a smaller house? Start renting an apartment? Move into a retirement community? Without a doubt, the most comfortable and convenient option for those in and/or nearing retirement is condo-living.

Getting ready to downsize and begin the next chapter of your life? Here are 6 reasons why it’s best to retire in a condo:

1. Less maintenance

One of the most obvious benefits of condo-living is that it means much less maintenance for you. While living in a condo community, you will no longer be responsible for caring for the exterior of your home. Imagine not having to spend time and energy raking leaves in the fall, shoveling snow in the winter, cleaning gutters in the spring, and mowing the lawn in the summer.

Additionally, by downsizing from a large family home to a more compact condo, you will have less interior space to clean and to care for. Simply put: less space means less stuff, less responsibility, and less hassle, so that you can spend your time and energy on activities you love.

2. Deluxe amenities

If moving into a smaller space makes you worry about what you’ll be giving up, worry not! In fact, life in a condo community offers many exciting amenities to which you may not otherwise have access. For example, shared spaces in a condo community may include: swimming pools, tennis and/or basketball courts, gyms, party rooms, etc.

Most importantly, all of these amenities will be conveniently accessible to you within the gates of your community. This means no more long drives to visit the pool or the gym! And, because these are shared spaces operated by the community, you can enjoy them when desired without having to worry about cleaning them or paying for them.

3. Prime locations

Just because you are nearing retirement, it doesn’t mean that you are ready to forego a fun, active life! In fact, retirement years are often the opportunity to finally do all of the extracurricular activities that you may have had to put off during your career.

One of the best reasons to retire in a condo is that you can easily live in a neighborhood that puts you near the heart of all of this excitement. Are you eager to live near the city or on the waterfront in retirement? To buy a large house in one of these prime locations can be very expensive, but the same prime real estate can be yours for a more affordable price in a condo community.

For instance, Brendon Homes’ newest condo community, Northside Meadows, gives you the comfortability of condo-living in close proximity to Framingham’s greatest attractions.

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4. A peaceful community

Another reason to retire in a condo is the comfortable sense of community. If you’re an empty nester, then you may be happy to leave behind the days of hearing loud teenagers’ parties down the block or young kids running on the lawns on Saturday mornings.

Condo-living is not only a comfortable way to downsize your living expenses, but it’s also a chance to settle into a neighborhood with those who share lifestyle goals similar to yours. In a 55+ condo, you can enjoy a sense of community with other retirees (or soon-to-be-retirees) and take advantage of social gatherings and activities organized by the condo board.

5. Security

When you retire in a condo, you can truly have a comfortable peace of mind. Not only will you enjoy fewer responsibilities for home maintenance, deluxe amenities, and a peaceful, communal atmosphere, but you will also benefit from reliable security.

Many condo communities are gated with guarded parking and 24 hour security measures. This offers two supreme benefits. For one, you will always feel safe in your home. Reliable security is also a plus if you are someone who plans to travel frequently (a popular goal for retirees), as you can always be sure that your home is secure when you’re gone.

6. A transitional home

Finally, another reason that it’s best to retire in a condo is that a condo is a transitional home. You may not yet be retired, but perhaps you will be in the near future. If so, a 55+ condo community is ideal for you.

For instance, maybe now you are an empty nester and are ready to downsize, but will not retire for several years. In that case, a condo community is the perfect way to transition from a busy, working life to an active retirement. You can stay in control of the pace of your lifestyle, all while enjoying the reduced responsibilities of home maintenance.

If you are in and/or nearing retirement, it may be time to downsize from your large family home – and a condo community is your best option.

With condo-living, you will enjoy fewer responsibilities, luxurious amenities, access to prime locations, and consistent, reliable security.

Ready to downsize and transition into retirement? Brendon Homes’ newest condo community, Northside Meadows, is specially designed for a residence of 55+.

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