At last, spring is just around the corner. As the days begin to get longer and the winter weather starts to melt away, don’t forget about one of the quintessential trademarks of spring: spring cleaning. After a long winter, now is the perfect time to ready your home for the year ahead.

Not sure where to start? Here are 6 spring home maintenance tips to begin your checklist:

1. Roof and gutters

It goes without saying that a stable roof is essential for a strong, secure home. As such, this should be one of the first things you check off of your spring home maintenance checklist.

Be on the lookout for any shingles that are cracked or loose. Unfortunately, your roof is susceptible to this kind of damage year-round. In the winter, heavy snow and ice can weaken roofing shingles, and exposure to the hot sun in the summer months can cause similar damage. If you discover any depreciated shingles, don’t hesitate: replace them immediately.

While you check your home’s roof for any damage, don’t forget to pay attention to its gutters. Any gutters that are loose and/or clogged can lead to leaking in the house (especially in the basement).

In your spring maintenance routine, take care to clear any debris out of the gutters. Also, ensure that the gutter’s opening is angled in a direction to flow away from the house to avoid any chance of flooding.

2. Windows and doors

For the rainy, spring weather ahead, the next step to safeguarding against leaks is to check your home’s windows and doors.

First, assess your windows’ and doors’ weather-stripping. Weather-stripping is a strip of foam or vinyl that rests flush against a windowsill or door. It helps to keep your windows and doors sealed by blocking out moisture and drafts. However, over time, this material can become deteriorated.

In your spring home maintenance routine, check your weather-stripping for any cracks or parts that may have become loose. Also, take care to clean away any dirt and debris that may have collected, as this can cause the weather-stripping to degrade more quickly.

Also, don’t forget to check the caulk around your home’s windows and doors. Cold winter weather can cause it to harden and crack, making your home susceptible to drafts and leaks.

In addition to protecting against leaks, well-sealed windows and doors will help to reduce your air-conditioning bill for the summer ahead, as less cool air will escape from your home and less hot air will be let in.

3. Chimney and fireplace

For spring home maintenance, you may not think about needing to maintain your fireplace. If the weather is getting warmer, you won’t be lighting a fire, right? Nonetheless, it is still important to inspect your fireplace for any damage that may have occurred over the winter so that you can fix it sooner rather than later.

First, check the exterior of the fireplace for damage. Are there any loose or crumbling bricks? If so, these must be replaced as soon as possible as it can present a fire hazard.

Next, have the flue cleaned and inspected. Keeping the flue properly maintained is vital to safeguarding against potential gas leaks.

If you include chimney and fireplace upkeep in your spring home maintenance routine, you will be prepped and ready for a warm, cozy fire come next fall.

4. Air conditioning

With a hot summer coming around the corner, this is a step in your spring home maintenance checklist that you definitely don’t want to skip.

To ensure that your air conditioning unit is running in proper order, have an HVAC technician clean and service the outside unit. Then, when the weather becomes warm enough and you’re ready to run the machine, don’t forget to regularly change the interior filters.

Inspecting and properly maintaining your air conditioning unit will help it to run at peak performance. And, most importantly, it will help to prevent the machine from breaking unexpectedly in the middle of a hot summer day!

5. Lawn equipment

In your spring maintenance routine, don’t forget to pay attention to another very important part of your home: your lawn.

Begin by evaluating your lawn equipment. How is the blade on your lawn mower? Does it need sharpening? It may also be time to change the mower’s engine oil. By taking the time to keep your lawn equipment in good health, you will both increase its longevity and ensure optimal performance.

If you employ a landscaping service in lieu of using personal lawn equipment, now is also a good time to contact them to set up a regular schedule for lawn maintenance.

6. Sprinkler system

Now that it’s springtime, it is time to bring your home’s lawn back to life from the cold days of winter. Prepare for lush, green grass by first readying your sprinkler system.

After you have recharged the system with water, complete a quick inspection of its components:

  • Look at the water lines. Are there any breaks in it? This can be signaled by odd bubbling in the grass or puddles in the lawn.
  • Assess all sprinkler heads. Ensure that none of them have become broken during the winter and that they have not become buried beneath grass or dirt.
  • Check the nozzles. These can easily become clogged by overgrown grass which can lead to erratic spraying.

If you want a beautiful lawn to dress your home for the springtime, don’t forget to include an inspection of your sprinkler system in your spring home maintenance checklist.

When the spring season starts to turn the corner, it brings with it, not only warm weather, but also an energetic feeling of renewal. Bring this bright energy into your home with a refreshing spring cleaning. A little bit of spring home maintenance will liven up your home and keep it in tip-top shape for the year ahead.

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Looking for more than just a little home maintenance for the spring? Contact Brendon Homes about refreshing your home for the spring with a remodeling project.