Whether you’re looking to build a brand new home or start some renovation projects, Brendon Properties can help you achieve the best new home features in Wellesley, MA. At Brendon Properties, we deliver the perfect combination of modern design and classic style. Looking for some inspiration for your new home project?

Here are 6 of the best new home features for Wellesley, MA:

1. Bring texture and color into the kitchen.

One of the easiest ways to show your personality in your home is through texture and color.

Do you want to reveal your creative side? One of the newest trends is to bring tiles into the kitchen – in a big way. Instead of just creating a small tile backsplash, new homes are featuring a whole wall covered in tiles for added texture and color.

To be extra bold, consider installing a bright red or blue refrigerator in your kitchen. The retro look is back and colorful appliances are one of the easiest ways to inject some color into your kitchen.

2. Use a monochromatic palette.

Just as some people enjoy a kaleidoscope of colors in their decor, others favor the monochromatic style. This might be a living room bathed in serene blues or a game room decked out in shades of red.

Probably the most popular monochromatic style is a room decorated all in white. For example, a kitchen or bathroom with simple, white features (like white marble or granite) is sleek and crisp. It also helps small spaces to look bigger.

3. Create an electronic “drop zone.”

One of the most important features to include in a new home is a dedicated space for electronics. In fact, this concept of an electronic “drop zone” is one of the growing trends in home design.

A small bowl on a table near the entrance way for keys and a bag is no longer enough for your modern lifestyle. New homes require a space where you can also leave your electronics to rest. Consider installing built-shelving with plenty of outlets, charging docks for smartphones and tablets, and high-speed USB ports.

This customized storage space is a place for you to “drop” your electronics at the door so that they (and you!) can get recharged.

4. Install a wet bar.

First, what is the difference between a wet bar and a regular, built-in bar?

A wet bar is used exclusively to serve alcoholic beverages. It usually contains just a mini-fridge or wine cooler and (sometimes) a small sink. A more traditional, built-in bar is usually in the kitchen, accompanied by a large counter and bar stools.  

A stylish wet bar is one of the best new home features to include in your house. It is most popularly installed in a living room, finished basement, or formal dining room. Think of it as an upgrade from the bar cart. The idea is to bring a small, sleek wet bar into an entertainment setting where you can easily access drinks outside of the kitchen.

5. Create a walk-in pantry.

One trend that always lasts in home design is space, space, space. Homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce clutter and to open up a room. What’s the newest way to get organized in the kitchen? Create a walk-in pantry.

These “food closets” let you keep the clutter off of the counters and organized in one, clean space. There are several ways that you can create your walk-in pantry.

Some pantries really are a walk-in “closet” in the corner of the kitchen. Others are built as part of a laundry room or mud room. And other walk-in pantries resemble more of a traditional “butler’s pantry,” with open shelving in a hallway that connects the kitchen and dining room.

6. Renovate with a bathroom vanity.

Just as the saying goes, “everything old is one day new again.” That is certainly true of bathroom vanities.

In the past decade, traditional vanities have been phased out for simpler sink and countertop combinations. But now bathroom vanities are back as one of the best new home features. And people are getting creative.

Instead of using a cookie cutter design, consider revamping an old desk into a bathroom vanity or refurbishing a chest of drawers with a marble counter top to make it fit for the bathroom.

When designing your home, our experienced, professional builders can help you strike the perfect balance between discovering the latest trends and remaining true to your own, personal style.

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