Moving into a new home is always exciting. But how do you make that fresh, just-moved-in feeling last a little longer? The answer is a condo maintenance checklist. By regularly inspecting and maintaining your new condo, you can prevent potentially costly damage in the future.

For first-time buyers and moving veterans alike, see our condo maintenance checklist for everything you need to know to keep your new condo staying in tip-top shape:

Establish a routine

In order to keep your condo feeling fresh and new with minimal effort, you must act preventively. This means establishing a routine with monthly checkpoints for cleaning and inspection. Remember: small steps here-and-there will make a big difference in the long-run.

Seasonal cleaning list

To easily maintain your new condo, keep your cleaning on-track with the changing seasons. Here are the big chores you should check off with the changing of the weather:


  • Prepare air conditioning for the summer. Consider your specific air-conditioning system. If you use wall-units, spring may be the ideal time to install them. If you use central air, you may need a professional to service it for the upcoming season to prevent any surprise failures.
  • Check gutters and exterior drainage. Most likely, after the cold and snowy months of winter, your gutters have accumulated unwanted grime. Sweep away this dirt and any remaining leaf sediment from the fall so that your gutters are clear and ready for spring and summer rain.


  • Inspect grout in kitchen and bathroom. Dirty grout in the kitchen or bathroom can lead to mold, and crumbling grout can harm the tiles’ structure. Take the time to thoroughly inspect your grout to extend the life of your tiles and keep them looking fresh and new.
  • Clean garage. The warm months are a perfect time to clean the often neglected garage. Sweep out old dust and leaves and wash all the windows. It’s also a good idea to re-organize any toys or yard tools you may store there.


  • Clean chimney. If you have one, make sure you get your chimney cleaned now to prepare for the winter ahead. A once-yearly professional chimney cleaning is recommended to keep it functioning properly.
  • Check driveway for cracks. If your driveway has any cracks in it, now is the time to have them re-sealed before the winter. In the cold weather, ice can settle into the cracks and expand, causing even more damage.


  • Regularly check for icicles. While icicles can certainly look pretty in the wintertime, they can also cause severe damage to your roof. Their heavy weight is also a threat to anyone standing beneath them. Use de-icing cables to keep icicles at bay.
  • Inspect and deep clean basement. Use the cold months as a time to tackle your indoor cleaning projects – this includes the basement. Even if your basement is primarily a storage area, be sure, once a year, to sweep out dust, clean any windows, and inspect for mold.

Inspection list

In addition to routine seasonal cleaning, your condo maintenance checklist should also include a monthly or bi-monthly inspection list. Double-checking safety protocols, appliances, and the like will help you keep that just-moved-in, new condo feeling for years.


  • Fire extinguisher – Keeping a fire extinguisher on-hand is a definite must. Get in the habit of regularly checking that your fire extinguisher is operable. Should you ever need it, you will be happy that you did!
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – This is a chief safety concern. Check the batteries in your detectors at least every six months and replace them once a year. There should be an operable smoke detector in each bedroom and one in the basement, if you have one.


  • Washing machines – The washing machine is often one of the most used appliances in the home. Make it a routine to frequently check the hoses and plumbing conditions to safeguard against potential leaks.
  • Dryer vents – Similarly, the dryer is another often used home appliance. In this case, fires can easily ignite from ill-cleaned or neglected lint traps. Make sure you clean these out regularly to stay safe.


  • Filters – Another likely cause of fire in a home is dirty filters. In both your heating and air-conditioning units, be sure to regularly clean out the air filters to: 1) keep the air in your condo fresh and clean; 2) maintain optimal functioning of the units; 3) prevent accidental fires.
  • Pipes – Particularly in the winter time, it is important to inspect your water pipes. Poorly insulated pipes can freeze or burst in low temperatures, resulting in expensive damage. Be proactive and check these pipes regularly in your new condo.
  • Electrical wires – Finally, electrical wires can also cause fires in home. Inspect your home for old, frayed, or damaged wires, paying specific attention to those connected to appliances. Make this inspection a priority as old wires compromise both performance and safety.

Moving into Northside Meadows

Brendon Homes has continued its tradition of expertly designed condo communities with its newest community, Northside Meadows. Featuring three different floor plans, this community was created with Brendon Homes’ trademark quality craftsmanship and superb attention to detail.

When moving into one of these condos, it’s important to keep the condo maintenance checklist in mind.  Establish a seasonal cleaning list and a monthly inspection plan. By checking off these small tasks throughout the year, your condo will be safe, well-maintained, and beautiful for years to come.

Learn more about the newest Brendon Homes community, Northside Meadows.

Visit Brendon Homes to see more tips about maintaining and caring for your new home.