Wellesley continues to solidify itself as one of the premier suburban towns in Massachusetts. This town just west of Boston is home to countless beautiful properties both new and old, with historic sites. With Boston so close, the quiet town of Wellesley can quickly become a hub for adventure. Easy access to commuter rail stations and the green line being a town away, going from relaxing suburbs to bustling city doesn’t have to be a challenge. While there are many reasons to join the Wellesley community, here are the top reasons we think Wellesley is the place to be.

Boston Marathon Route

The Boston Marathon is a Massachusetts tradition that brings the state together. Wellesley residents are fortunate enough to be right in the mix when runners race into the city. The marathon route goes right through Wellesley neighborhoods providing a front row seat to the action.

A Not So College Town

Even though Wellesley College and Babson College are located in Wellesley, it’s definitely not a college town. The two campuses are modest in size and they fit right in with the culture of Wellesley. Wellesley College was actually ranked by the Huffington Post as being one of the ten “anti-party” schools in the United States. The two colleges provide the town with a young and educated population, without all of the rowdy behavior.

Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend

From a fair to a pancake festival to a live concert Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend provides something for everyone. Every year Wellesley puts together a three day event that highlights what the town is all about. During the weekend there are countless tours for town buildings and historic sites to teach people about Wellesley in the past and how it has become what it is today. Most of the events are free and created just to bring residents together.

Hiking and Outdoor Activities

If you’re an outdoorsy person this town certainly was meant for you. Boulder Brook Reservation has walking trails through the woods which eventually leads up to Rocky Ledges, an excellent climbing and hiking excursion with a rocky lookout at the top. Just nearby is also Kelly Memorial Park, which has tennis and basketball courts, multiple baseball fields and a playground. There is also a large field available for any recreational use. When the weather gets cold Kelly Memorial Park also has a great sledding hill.

Proximity to Boston

Possibly the best perk to living in Wellesley is its location. Living just outside the city means you get all the benefits of a friendly suburban community, but still provides the option to adventure off into Boston. There is so much to do in Wellesley, but sometimes a change of pace with a day spent in the city is much needed.

To see for yourself what Wellesley has to offer check out this new property available on 40 Chesterton Road. This home is a luxurious colonial that fits right in with everything Wellesley has to offer.

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