At Brendon Homes, there are many ways that you can enjoy the ease of condo community life everyday. One of the key benefits that our residents appreciate is the reliable, low-key maintenance of their homes.

Now, we have made the maintenance request process even easier with our new online maintenance form. With this new feature, you can submit a request, anytime and anywhere.

How to use the online maintenance form

  1. Find the maintenance form easily on our Brendon Homes homepage.
  2. Simply navigate to the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select “Warranty/Maintenance.”
  3. Finally, the steps to complete the request are simple. In the form provided, select your property, fill out your general contact information, and list your requested warranty/maintenance items.



First, an online submission increases efficiency for every party involved. For one, the online form is quick and simple to complete. Moreover, by reducing the amount of bulky clerical paperwork, the new form will help to expedite your maintenance process.

Faster results

With the new online form, your maintenance request is sent directly to the appropriate project manager. Our team at Brendon Homes can then immediately begin focusing on solving your problem, so you can get your home repaired without the long wait.


Most importantly, our new online maintenance form is more convenient for you. Instead of filling out paperwork and manually depositing your request in an office within your community, our online form allows you to submit your request at your convenience – anytime, anywhere.


Our new online maintenance form matches the lifestyle of the Brendon Homes condo community: simple, efficient, and convenient.

So, the next time your home needs a repair, visit the Warranty/Maintenance Request Form to submit your online request.