Last winter saw some of the most snowfall the Boston area has ever seen! Get your home ready for the coming winter weather. A home that is prepared will save you money, increase efficiency and help you feel more comfortable. These tips can ensure that your home is prepared for a long cold winter.

Furnace Care

First, make sure your heater is up to the task. You should replace filters monthly. Investing in a HEPA filter that removes airborne particles can also help you feel healthier during the winter months.

To bring down your utility bill turn down the thermostat at night and when you are not home. According to Popular Mechanics for every degree you turn down the thermostat, you can save 1-3% of you heating bill. Installing a programmable thermostat will make the task easy and prevent you from forgetting to turn the temperature down when you leave. Popular Mechanics also suggests that a programmable thermostat can save home owners up to $180 a year.

Water Heater

Next, make sure your water heater is not leaking heat that you are paying for. Touch the pipes that run out from your water heater, as well as the water heater itself. If they feel warm, you should insulate them. Insulating material that is designed to fit right over the pipes is readily available at hardware and home improvement stores.

Storm Doors and Windows

On the outside of you home, install storm doors and windows. This extra layer of protection from the elements will keep air from seeping into or out of your home. On the inside, consider installing insulating window treatments. There are many attractive styles of blinds that offer an extra layer of insulation. Heavy draperies also work to keep out cold drafts. Remember to open your blinds when the sun will shine through, especially on the south side of the house and close your blinds once it is dark or the sun is no longer direct.

Yard Maintenance

Clear all dead trees and tree limbs from your property. During heavy snows, ice storms or high winds, dead tree limbs have potential to cause significant damage to your property including, cars, decks, fences, and the roof. Inspect your trees in autumn and remove any precarious limbs or hire a professional service to do the job for you. A little preemptive action can save you a lot of money and headaches later.

Be Prepared

Don’t let winter catch you unprepared. Make sure your home is ready to handle snow, wind, ice and frigid temperatures. If you can’t stand the thought of another winter in a home that is older and requires a lot of attention, consider a new energy efficient home. Visit our website to find out more about the prestigious homes we build.