Your home is your unique space. It is designed specifically for your lifestyle, for your needs, and for your aesthetic. As top trendsetters in home building, Brendon homes has the expertise and the superior skills to build you a home that’s current, functional, and tailor-made for you.

Need some inspiration for your new home or that next renovation you’re planning? Here are the top 10 trendsetters in home building:

1. Intricate stairways

What’s the point of a staircase? To get you up and down to the different floors in your home – simple as that. But new homes are taking a different approach. Now, staircases are an interesting design element as well as a functional workhorse. Homebuilders are moving staircases into the main entryway of a home where they can act as a major focal point, for both function and fashion.

For a staircase that makes a big impression, consider creating one with modern glass accents, elegant iron posts, or artistic tile designs.

2. Intimate outdoor spaces

Homeowners are always striving for maximum efficiency. How to make a room seem bigger, brighter, and wider? In new homes, the answer is simple: keep expanding outwards. New homes feature intimate outdoor spaces that are just as functional and just as comfortable as any indoor living room. With homey fireplaces, seating areas, and even bars, these outdoor “rooms” have become the favored settings for relaxing and socializing.

You already have the extra space. Now, take advantage of it to increase the square footage of your home without a costly renovation.

3. Indoor and outdoor convergences

As you and your family enjoy your new outdoor space more and more, the goal is to make that outdoor “room” feel like a part of your home. You can achieve this with simple entryway style changes. Use large floor-to-ceiling, retractable windows and stackable, glass doors to bring in extra sunlight and make the outdoor spaces feel like an extension of your kitchen or living room.

Also, consider your flooring. Use materials like wide-paneled wood or stone that create a seamless, cohesive transition between indoor and outdoor.

4. Home offices

With today’s technological landscape, the division between work and home continues to become blurred. And for your hectic schedule, you need more than just a desk in the corner of your kitchen that you call an “office.” In new homes, it is popular to create a dedicated work space.

Incorporate built-in shelving for more storage and easy efficiency. Also, consider a room that is adaptable so it can function as home office for any member of your household who may need it.

5. Revamped master bathrooms

Bathrooms are some of the most frequently overturned rooms in a home. This year’s trendsetters in home building have identified 2 major improvements for bathrooms in new homes. First is the use of large, walk-in showers. Not only are these more luxurious and spa-like, they are also more practical. A walk-in is much easier to navigate (especially for an older clientele) than a standard shower-tub. Moreover, no sliding doors means no nooks and crannies to collect dirt and grime.

New homes are also swapping out large soaker tubs for free-standing tubs. This everything-old-is-new-again style is decidedly more elegant and also takes up less space than a clunky soaker tub.

6. Stripped kitchens

Kitchens will always be the heart of the home, but trendsetting homes are trying something new. In an effort to reduce the amount of clutter that often accumulates in kitchens (and the stress that ultimately follows), new homes favor “stripped” kitchens. These rooms maintain the same culinary prowess and social appeal as a traditional space, but with a streamlined approach.

To bring this sense of modern serenity into your home, use open shelves to store dishes and mugs, and don’t try to cram a new drawer in every available square inch. The appeal of the stripped kitchen is its raw, simple mood that doesn’t compromise functionality.

7. Clean lines and open spaces

No surprise here: open-concept floor plans continue to hold a place in the top trendsetters in home building. Modern families in modern homes simply cannot afford to waste space with empty hallways and tiny rooms. Instead, focus on creating a space that melds kitchen, living, and dining together.

An open-concept floor plan not only increases the maximum usable space in your home, but also encourages family unity. Continue this feeling of openness with clean design lines, such as wide doorways and high ceilings.

8. Barn doors

Barn doors have gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years as a fashionable choice for garage doors. Now, these rustic-inspired pieces are coming into the home as well. Specifically, barn doors appear in new homes’ kitchens, closets, and bedrooms.

The appeal of barn doors lies in its functional design. In terms of functionality, you can use sliding barn doors to open and close off rooms as desired; thus, manipulating your floor plan at your convenience. Furthermore, barn doors bring a rustic elegance into the home that stands out as a vintage-inspired feature in an otherwise contemporary landscape.

9. Farmhouse entryways

A farmhouse entryway should be a staple for any family household. Usually used as a back entrance, these informal mudrooms equip your home with robust efficiency. Need somewhere to store the dog’s leashes and food bowls? Dirty shoes on a rainy day? The kids’ backpacks? A farmhouse entryway is an all-purpose mudroom that keeps the clutter and the dirt of daily life in one place, tucked out of the way.

These rooms aren’t designed just for design’s sake. Rather, their signature large doors, built-in shelving, and durable accents are purely functional – just what you need your busy life.

10. Sustainable designs

Most importantly, modern home builders are taking note to create homes that are environmentally sustainable. Whether you’re building a new home or are simply looking to undergo some needed renovations, making environmentally conscious changes doesn’t have to be drastic.

When shopping for appliances, search for the ENERGY STAR label. For flooring, select wood that is sustainably harvested, or other recycled materials. Also, investigate windows and heating/cooling systems that will function the most efficiently (in addition to environmental gains, this will save you money too!).

For more information, see How You Can Build an Energy Efficient Home.

At Brendon Homes, our goal is to help you create a home that suits both your functional needs and your personal design aesthetic. Consider these stand-out trendsetters in home building when planning your new home renovations.

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