A lot of people fantasize about finding their perfect “dream home.” So, why wait and hope that you can find a house that matches the picture you have in your mind? Instead, make that dream a reality by building your own custom home. Yes, it can seem like a big undertaking, but when it comes to your personal abode, there is no comparison between building your dream home and fixing up an old home.

Here are the top 5 reasons why building a new home is better than fixing up an old home:

1. It’s custom to you

First, when you’re building your new home, you can make it anything you want it to be. Sure, when you’re fixing up an old home, you can put it in new kitchen cabinets, new appliances, new flooring, or new lighting. But those are superficial changes.

In order to fully re-do the layout of an old house and to make it custom to you, it is a much more expensive and a much more strenuous operation – and you may still have to compromise.

That’s why building a new home is better. You can create a house that suits your needs precisely – with no need to compromise. Build the kitchen that you want, the number of bedrooms that you need, and the unique, personal touches that inspire you. Like putting a fireplace in the kitchen? You can make that happen in a new home. It’s all about what you want.

2. It’s brand new

If you have seen even one episode of a home renovation show on HGTV, then you know that renovations are full of surprises. You may allot a certain budget to renovate a number of things in your home, but, as soon as you begin ripping up flooring or breaking down walls, you stumble on trouble.

Suddenly, your small renovation now includes a new roof, a new water heater, and another expensive repair that’s a drain on your budget. You either have to chip in more money than you had originally intended, or give up on some of your planned renovations.

Conversely, when building a new home, there are no surprises. And, as obvious as it may sound, when building a new home, everything is new. This means that your products are under warranty and there will be no costly, unexpected repairs in the next few years.

Remember, a remodeled older house is still an older house. You never know what repairs may be just around the corner.

3. It’s energy efficient

Next, when it comes to energy efficiency, there is no competition between building a new home and fixing up an old home. Even homes that are only 5-10 years old have already been surpassed in terms of environmentally conscious design.

Revamping an old home to meet modern efficiencies is simply much more difficult than starting anew. When building your new home, you can choose effective window design and placement, and innovative heating and cooling options.

Moreover, the benefits of these energy-conserving decisions are twofold: not only will you be more environmentally friendly, you will also be financially efficient (i.e. the less energy you use, the less money you have to spend!).

Learn more about how you can build an energy efficient home.

4. It’s faster and more convenient

Another reason why building a new home is better than fixing up an old home is that it is generally a faster and more convenient process. When building a new home, you can plan the entire process from start to finish, and everything is accomplished on a schedule.

It may seem like a larger undertaking to build an entirely new home, but it is really more of an organized checklist to be completed. Whereas, when trying to fix up an older home, there are always unexpected obstacles along the way that can throw you off schedule and cost you time and money.

Building a new home is also a more convenient process for you. A remodeling project can last for months, disrupting your usual routine and forcing you to live in a haphazard mess with unfinished rooms. But when building a new home, you don’t have to endure the construction process. Instead, you can simply move in to your brand new house when it’s ready.

5. It’s your dream home

Finally, perhaps the number one reason why building a new home is better is that you can truly build your dream home.

Making patchwork renovations to an old home (someone else’s home) will never give you the feeling of a new home. No matter what kind of renovations you’re planning, there is only so much you can do to an older home. But with a blank canvas, the sky is the limit.

Do you want a private library with a big bay window? Or an outdoor kitchen with a stone pizza oven? Maybe a finished basement with a built-in bar and a game room? When building a home that is brand new, that you design from the ground-up, you can finally live in the dream home that you’ve always wanted.

The dream home you fantasize about doesn’t have to be relegated to pictures on your Pinterest board. Make that dream a reality by building your own new, custom home

In fact, building a new home is better than fixing up an old home because you get everything you want on a timeline that is fast, efficient, and convenient.

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