Brendon Properties is no stranger to award-recognition. Coupled with our surplus of satisfied home owner testimonials, residents have come to expect our dedication to quality craftsmanship. This year, that dedication is recognized once again. At the 2016 PRISM awards, Brendon Properties was the proud recipient of five awards!

What are the PRISM Awards?

This PRISM Awards are an annual event hosted by the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston (BRAGB). At this prestigious gala, select builders, developers, project owners, architects, land planners, marketing/advertising firms, interior designers, and remodelers are recognized for their greatest achievements in the home building industry.

A panel of distinguished industry experts judge the dozens of entries and award Gold or Silver PRISMS to the most outstanding.

Brendon Properties wins five 2016 awards

Brendon Properties was one of the top winners of the evening, taking home a coveted five PRISM awards for excellence in building construction and design.


Best Detached Home Under 2,500 Square Feet: At Montage, the design plan, the Hayden, was a winner by both popular and critical acclaim. Appealing to both younger families and early empty-nesters, it was easily the fastest selling plan in the community.

Silver PRISM

Best Attached Home Under 1,800 Square Feet: Also at Montage, the Monet plan was recognized for its smart, efficient design. Among residents, it’s a popular choice for first-time buyers and for snowbirds seeking seasonal living.

Silver PRISM

Best Multi-Unit For-Sale Community Attached Homes: Montage proved a dominant winner of the evening, taking home a third award for Brendon Properties. This PRISM award celebrates Brendon Properties’ impressive attention to detail and our skill in creating unique, beautiful homes.

Silver PRISM

Team of the Year: This Silver PRISM was awarded to Team Montage’s Alison Miceli, Lorraine Murray, and Gail Carter for their exceptional work as the Montage Sales Team. In late spring of 2015, Montage formally announced 176 community homes for sale. Within just twelve months, by the efforts of this dedicated team, 117 homes were sold. 


If you’d like to become a part of this award-winning community, there are 23 homes still available (as of October 2016).

Silver PRISM

Most Valuable Team Member: This year’s PRISM Awards honored Brendon Properties’ Jennifer Wilson as most valuable team member. She deftly took on the new role of Online Sales Concierge for Montage to facilitate accelerated absorption at Montage and to cultivate new leads. Her contributions to CRM and her support to the sales team proved her both an inspiring and exemplary leader.

Brendon Properties creates beautiful, high quality communities because we care about craftsmanship, and because we care about building the perfect home for every resident.

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